Hometown of Alpaca

The largest origin of alpaca products in the world

Alpaca products on the market come mainly from the following varieties of alpaca fibers

- The closer to the skin, the more delicate the higher the price of the fiber
- Baby Alpaca is not a baby alpaca but a fiber near the skin of an alpaca
- Peruvian Export Association classifies alpaca wool by fiber diameter

Our products all use Baby Alpaca

Alpaca has good thermal insulation and abrasion resistance, its thermal insulation performance is 30% higher than that of Merino wool, and its abrasion resistance is 4 times that of Merino wool.

Alpaca has 22 kinds of natural color, and dyeing will not lose the original luster, suitable for wool or worsted processing.

Natural alpaca hair color bright and lasting, will not dim over time.

At the same time the natural resistance to moisture, keep dry.